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Authentic Mouvement

Biography and contact

Movement and dance have been an important guide for me throughout my life. Starting as a dance improvisation teacher I became through the years a dance therapist and body oriented psychotherapist.In 1995 I discovered Authentic Movement, a unique discipline in which movement and development of consciousness come together.

I got deeply fascinated by this work.Silence, concentration and bringing inner impulses towards visible movement play an important role in the practice of this discipline.

In my studio I guide people, individually and in small groups who want to learn, to practice and to deepen this specific way of working. I accompany them in this personal process of developing consciousness.

A great source of inspiration is the work of Janet Adler, one of the most important teachers of our time. Since I met her for the first time in 1995 I have been touched by her way of teaching and guiding this work. I work with her since then in groups and engaged myself in an intensive individual process with her as my teacher. She continues to be my great inspiration for the discipline of Authentic Movement.

Since 2014 I am member of “Circles of Four” an International Post-Graduate Program

for the preparation of teachers of the Discipline of Authentic Movement .

For more information see website: www.disciplineofauthenticmovement.com



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