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Authentic Mouvement

Biography and contact

Authentic Movement is a practice that has been developed out of different streams of dance improvisation in the sixties of the 20st century. Generally one considers Mary Whitehouse as the pioneer in this practice in which dance, creativity, and more therapeutic and spirituel aspects go together.

Janet Adler, one of the principal teachers at this moment of time wrote a book Offering from the Conscious Body * in which she explains the theory and practice of this unique discipline.

Authentic Movement is an approach in movement in which silence and concentration are at the base of the practice. Closing the eyes, the mover opens towards internal movements and impulses and makes them visible and more clear.

The groundform of this work is the relationship between the mover and the witness, between being seen and seeing.This relationship is the core of this discipline, out of which all forms in this practice are developed.

The mover follows impulses and movements in a protected environment in the presence of a witness.

The witness tries to see without judgement and/or interpretation the process of the mover whilst staying in contact with her own experiences.

* Offering from the Concious Body, The Discipline of Authentic Movement, Janet Adler, ISBN 0-89281-966-9